A downloadable Samsung Gear VR Game for Android

You crash landed on a strange alien planet; your arm is broken, but your mind awakened. Use telekinesis to make the enemies themselves your weapon in this physics-based game, as they charge you in countless waves.


This game requires a Samsung Gear VR headset to be played.

Development Team:

Laura Bot - Production, VFX Art

Tomasz Sierko - Technical Design, Game Design

Ronny Josch - Technical Design, Level Design, Game Design

Sven de Wit - UI/UX Design, Game Design

Norbert van Hamond - Audio Design, Game Design

Naeema Saeed - Environment Art

Coen van Oorschot - Environment Art, Technical Art

Luuk Ammerlaan - Concept Art

Jonah Rutten - Gameplay Programming, Systems Programming

Joey Jacobs - Gameplay Programming, Composing


SlimeSurvivor.zip 173 MB

Install instructions

1.) Attach your phone to the pc with a USB cable

2.) Open SlimeSurvivor.zip

3.) Copy and paste the .apk and the .obb file on your phone

4.) Run the .apk file to install the game

5.) Run the game once

6.) Move the .obb file to "InternalStorage/obb/com.YourCompany.Tikal_GM3" (Note: if the "obb" folder and the "com.YourCompany.Tikal_GM3" folders are not created yet, create them yourself)

7.) Run the game


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